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Patient Information Form

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This Patient Information Sheet allows us to get some very basic background information about you, including insurance and employment information. Every new patient must fill this out and sign it.

Download "Patient Information Sheet.pdf"

Patient Release Form

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Please fill out this form to grant us authorization to release health care information to your family & friends. Here at First Choice, we take your privacy very seriously.

Download "release-form.pdf"

Patient Responsibility & Privacy Form

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Please download this document and fill out both the Patient Responsibility Form and the Notice of Privacy Practices Acknowledgment.

Download "patient-responsibility-privacy.pdf"

Health History Form

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All new patients need to fill out this document, which gives us an overview of your health history. Knowing about your past can help us better understand your health needs and give you the best treatment possible.

Download "heath-history.pdf"

Medical Records Release Form

All requests for medical records must be submitted with a signature from the patient or patient representative.

Download "Medical Records Release"