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PPD Test Specialist

First Choice Medical PLLC

Family Practice Physician & Internal Medicine located in Holbrook, NY

People with tuberculosis (TB) may not show symptoms for years, leaving you potentially exposed to the bacteria without realizing. First Choice Medical is one of the few practices in the Holbrook, New York area offering PPD tests, provided by leading internal medicine expert, Dr. Lawrence Goldman. The practice’s caring staff make getting tested convenient, quick, and easy. Book your appointment online today or call the practice today.

PPD Test / TB Test Q & A

What is a PPD Test?

The PPD test, or the purified protein derivative test, determines whether or not you have, or have been exposed to TB. You can contract this infectious disease when you breathe in the air of someone who’s already infected with the bacteria. Unfortunately, it’s possible to have the disease for years without knowing.

What are the symptoms of TB?

Even though the bacteria can be inactive for years, should your immune system weaken, TB may spring into action. If it does, you may experience the following symptoms:

  • Fever
  • Coughing
  • Night sweats
  • Weight loss

Your body can become sensitive to certain aspects of the bacteria when it’s active. PPD tests check your body’s sensitivity levels to see if you have or have been exposed to, the infection.

Who should have a PPD test?

You should have a PPD test if you have a weakened immune system, which happens due to taking medications such as steroids or those for illnesses such as cancer or HIV.

The PPD test is a requirement for specific jobs, such as healthcare workers, because they may come into contact with patients who have TB. If you’re in need of a PPD test as part of your pre-employment screening test, make an appointment at First Choice Medical.

What happens during the PPD test?

Your First Choice Medical practitioner swabs your arm with alcohol. Then they give you the shot that contains PPD. It may sting a little. Afterwards, there may be a small bump, but it should disappear within a few hours.

Forty-eight to 72 hours later, you must return to the practice. Your health practitioner checks your skin where they administered the shot to see if you’ve reacted to the PPD. If the surface of the skin isn’t swollen after the allotted time, it means your test is negative; you don’t have the infection.

Smaller reactions may indicate TB or exposure to it, especially if you have a weakened immune system. Your health practitioner at First Choice Medical may suggest additional testing.

Larger reactions may indicate that you have TB. Your health practitioner will examine the results further and provide additional testing, if necessary.

First Choice Medical is one of the few practices in the region providing authorized PPD testing. Testing is a quick and straightforward process, so book your appointment online or call today to get started.